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Plant Biostimulants

Plant Biostimulants

Plant Biostimulants

More than ever before, crop producers and farmers are utilizing plant biostimulants to enhance the growth and health of their crops, hence increasing their crop output and their profits. But what exactly are plant biostimulants?

What are Plant Biostimulants?

Plant biostimulants are substances or microorganisms whose main purpose is to stimulate the natural processes in plants to benefit their nutrient uptake as well as the efficiency of nutrient use when subjected to stressors and to increase crop quality. Biostimulants are used to increase the growth rate of the plant’s roots, increase the diameter of the root, and increase the amount of water the root can hold, along with increasing the microbial activity that then leads to increased nutrient availability. 

Plant biostimulants include a wide range of products for the agricultural industry that are designed to enhance the uptake of added nutrients and existing ones as well as to improve plant health, the yield of plants and crops, the quality of crop growth, and nutrient efficiency in plants. They can help with the growth and development of plants while improving the efficiency of plant nutrients when involving reduced nutrient losses due to the environment while improving the efficiency of the plant nutrients as evidenced by improved nutrient uptake. Plant biostimulants also act as catalysts for change within the soil so they can even improve barren soil and allow it to be used again for farming since they can improve the structure of the soil as well as its function and performance, which means an enhanced response from plants. Plant biostimulants can be derived from biological sources or natural sources and include microbial inoculants, as well as biological ones along with biochemical materials, humic acids, fulvic acid, amino acids, seaweed extract, and an array of other materials. These types of products can improve the health of the soil as well as sustainability in the field of agriculture.

Categories of Plant Biostimulants

There are several categories of plant biostimulants, including beneficial bacteria and fungi, humic acids, seaweed extracts, and liquid manure composting. 

When it comes to both humic and fulvic acids, they are derived from the composition of animal, plant, and microbial residues and are basically soil organic matter. They are usually dark in color and are basically collections of heterogeneous compounds. They are categorized according to their molecular weights as well as their solubility into humans, humic acids, and fulvic acids. These types of compounds are the result of microbes as well as plant matter and plant roots. Some examples of humic and phobic acids are mineral deposits of leonardite, soft coal, and peat moss. They could even increase the cation exchange capacity in many ways. Humic Acid is the star when it comes to the ingredients, such as Humate granular soil conditioners, soil tea bags, and tabs that enhance and improve the soil. These soil conditioners are all-natural since they are designed as an organic soil treatment that will even stimulate the microorganisms of lawn, crops, and plants while being safe for livestock, wildlife, and humans.

Seaweed Extracts are taken from a variety of extraction processes and are soluble in liquids or powders, while liquid manure composting is created by mixing manure water with a blend of materials that can feed specific bacteria in the manure. This interaction provides adequate conditions for microbes to be able to grow in and the liquid that results is then used as a biofertilizer.

Beneficial bacteria and fungi improve, increase, and enhance the concentration of bacteria and/or fungi that is in the soil that can help the roots grow. Examples include Bacillus and Rhizobium fungi.

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