Septic Tank Additives

Septic Additive

If you are having issues with your septic tank backing up, it’s likely due to blockages from within your tank. Septic issues are usually caused by putting the wrong items down the drain. For example, excess paper and grease can combine to form an insoluble mass that water alone will not break apart. Vegetables and other food scraps can stick together, forming large masses that will not biodegrade without sunlight.

Fortunately, a septic tank additive can help in the process of breaking down these types of blockages. While no additive will completely eliminate the need for maintenance, it can help to extend the life of your septic tank.

Quality and value

The American Biosystems septic additive has been formulated especially for today’s septic tanks. While there are generic versions of septic additive on the market, many of them are nothing more than a combination of baking soda and bacteria. Our septic additive has been formulated for commercial establishments. This means it contains an array of enzymes, chemicals, and bacteria that can dissolve grease and other organic and inorganic material.

Our additive is powerful enough to be used by commercial restaurants and industrial establishments, so you know you’re getting top quality ingredients for your home septic system.

The finest enzymes For Septic Tanks

American Biosystems’ Maintain®LST product uses a combination of several enzymes to break down the matter in septic systems. A typical dose will contain:

Protease – 3,125 PC/gram
Lipase – 20 FIP/gram
Amylase – 125 BAU/gram
Cellulase – 500 CU/gram

These enzymes work on a chemical level to break down the solid material that accumulates in a septic system. Breaking down oils and grease is a different process than what is required to break down plant material (typical in septic systems that are connected to garbage disposal systems). Other enzymes, such as cellulose, will work to break down paper products.

Quality Enzymes and Bacterias

In addition, each dose includes at least five different strains of bacteria. These bacteria strains work together with the enzymes to dissolve and then break down the solid materials that accumulate in a septic tank. 

The combination of multiple types of enzymes and bacteria makes our septic additive one of the highest quality products on the market. Using this additive on a regular basis will ensure that your septic system will function properly for years to come.

Environmentally responsible

Our combinations of enzymes and bacteria dissolves solid particles so thoroughly that they can be released from a septic system without a property owner having to worry about damage to the ground or surrounding environment. Scientific studies have shown that what is released from a septic system after using our product will not negatively affect the environment; what is left is a relatively inert mix of organic waste and water, most of which will naturally biodegrade into the soil.

Customers worldwide, across 15 countries

American Biosystems has sold our septic products in over 15 countries. We have satisfied customers all over the globe, ranging from residential septic tanks to the grease traps of commercial restaurants. No matter what your problems are with your septic system, rest assured that American Biosystems has a septic product that can help.

Large pool of experience across different industries and markets

Our septic additive was designed by a team of scientists from a wide range of industries and technical backgrounds. Instead of relying on a standard combination of off-the-shelf chemicals, our product has been formulated with a range of enzymes and bacteria that have been selected to work in conjunction with each other.

Choosing a high-quality product for your septic system means that you’ll have a lot fewer maintenance issues over the lifetime of the system. By using our additive once a month, your system will have fewer problems and require a lot less maintenance. Contact us today!