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We believe very strongly that your company’s products should incorporate the finest enzymes and direct-fed microbial products available in the marketplace from American Biosystems, Inc.

We believe that your farm mix, feed premix or industrial enzyme formulation is only as good as the quality of the lowest quality ingredient. We want the products you purchase from us to be the highest quality available, allowing you to create the highest quality product available at the most reasonable cost. How can we do that? American Biosystems provides ingredients that are precisely characterized as to enzyme strength, specificity, origin, and shelf life. Only by knowing the exact specifications of the enzyme product you are purchasing can you determine whether our product is right for your application and, the best value for your money.

There is little standardization in the enzyme marketplace today. One company’s unit of measure for a particular enzyme has no relationship to another company selling the same product. American Biosystems believes in providing details of our analytical procedures so you can make a comparison or we will be happy to provide a competitive analysis for you.

Give us a chance to be your microbial-enzyme supplier and you will be glad you gave us a call.

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Our Markets

American Biosystems has served the International Aquaculture marketplace since 1985 through its breakthrough ACCELOBAC AG® products.
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Microorganisms are the most effective, cost efficient method of degrading waste products in the environment without costly chemicals or infrastructure.
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Enzymes are a cost-effective method of performing numerous industrial processes. These range from silver recovery to surgical instrument cleaning.
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Our strength is assisting our customers in the design and implementation of their animal feed additive.
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Give us a call: 540.344.6469