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Agricultural Enzyme Blends

Agricultural Enzyme Blends

American Biosystems, Inc. is a quality supplier of highly concentrated microbial enzymes manufactured for a variety of industrial and agricultural purposes. These enzymes, like all American Biosystems’ products, are sold with precisely defined specifications and assay methods. This feature allows you to compare our products with competing products for quality and value. Most enzyme products are available in a variety of liquid and dry formulations in a range of enzyme concentrations and package sizes.

BEX 10,000 Blend

BEX 10,000 Blend is a water dispersible blend of the extracts of Bacillus subtilis and Aspergillus niger which includes high concentrations of beta-glucanase (gumase) and moderate levels of alpha-amylase, hemi-cellulase, pectinase and protease activities.

USES:  A multi-enzyme blend for use as an animal feed additive. As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which may be used in industrial products and in enzyme bearing supplements where increased enzyme activity is desired.

ACTIVITY: 10,000 BGU/gm.

COMBO® Enzyme Blend

COMBO® Enzyme Blend includes a blend of 8 important digestive enzymes proven to be beneficial in poultry feeds. These enzymes are Cellulase, Protease (3 types), Fungal Amylase, Xylanase, B-Glucanase, Hemi-Cellulase, Lipase, and Phytase.

USES: As a high-power blend of beneficial digestive enzymes useful as an additive for Commercial Poultry operations including broilers and layers.

Enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions. Agricultural enzymes accelerate chemical reactions by unblocking nutrients in the soil and making them available to plant roots. These nutrients, without an agricultural enzyme, would remain unavailable to plants. The addition of agricultural enzymes in feed improves plant yield and quality. Just as agricultural enzymes make nutrients available in the soil for plants, they also improve nutrient availability in livestock feed for cattle animals.

With the help of nature and science, American Biosystems has developed powerful blends of agricultural enzymes to help farmers like you maintain their processes, protect their investments, and boost efficiency.

Agricultural Enzyme Blends

American Biosystems, Inc. is a supplier of quality highly concentrated microbial enzymes for a range of agricultural purposes. These enzymes are imbued with precise specifications. This makes it possible to compare our products with those of our competitors. Most of the enzyme products we offer are available in a range of liquid and dry formulations, concentrations, and package sizes.

Enzymes are key activators in the soil and play a critical role in maintaining the health of plants, animals as well as that of the environment. A delicate balance of chemical and biological components is required to maintain good soil health, on which all other agricultural processes depend. Healthy soil is key for the integrity of ecosystems and enables them to retain health and recover from drought, pest infestation, pollution, and other common forms of harm and disruption. 

How Are Enzymes Used in Agriculture? 

Soil health and fertility require the proper chemical and biological properties. Enzymes naturally found in soil are used as an indication of soil fertility. Soil enzymes will respond to changes in soil use and management faster than other variables. Soil enzymes catalyze the reactions needed for the life processes of microorganisms which are critical to the life processes of healthy soil.

Biochemical reactions are triggered by the catalytic action of the enzymes. Soil enzymes play a role in the decomposition of organic matter, nutrient cycles, the fixation of nitrogen, the detoxification of pesticides, and much more, thereby regulating the ecosystem.

The role played by enzymes in agriculture is entirely environmentally friendly and minimizes the need for pesticides and the harm pesticides can cause. Most importantly, agricultural enzymes drive, support, and modulate the growth and productivity of the soil, the plants that live off of the soil, and the animals that subsequently live off of those plants.

Farmers and ranchers have known the benefits of healthy soil for generations and have had ways of developing improved enzyme blends for many years, even if they had to use guesswork and did not fully understand what they were working with.

However, only today are we able to detect and monitor enzymes through the use of precision assay techniques to obtain supremely accurate metrics. These and other proprietary techniques enable us to push the optimization process further than ever before.

Enzyme Blends we Offer

Our premier agricultural enzymes are more robust and powerful than ever before. We are proud to offer the following highly active and durable enzyme blends.

BEX 10,000 Blend

A beta-glucanase that is especially useful in processing applications owing to its high stability. Its resistance to denaturation by high temperature and pH extremes makes it highly durable.

COMBO Enzyme Blend

This high-power, water-dispersible blend of specially selected digestive enzymes for animal feed provides multiple key economic and health benefits. It comes in a concentrated powder form that is easy to use.

Why Choose American Biosystems? 

American Biosystems’ selection of agricultural enzyme formulas is specially designed to meet the needs of the full range of the worldwide agricultural enzymes industry. These needs range from eradicating pests to reducing and mitigating disease, cultivating nutrient-dense soil and strong root systems while processing green waste into high-quality, useful organic fertilizer. 

More farmers choose American Biosystems for:

  • Quality and value
  • The finest enzymes
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Environmental responsibility

We serve a broad customer base in over 15 countries worldwide, with a huge range of agricultural needs and processes. Our experience spans multiple industries and markets ensuring that our expertise will meet your needs. Get in touch with American Biosystems today to learn more about what world class agricultural enzyme blends can do for you.