Lipase Enyzmes

Lipase Enyzmes

ABS Lipidase Product Series

ABS Lipidase granular and ABS Lipidase liquid are specially formulated lipase which is produced for use in the enhancement of cleaning, waste treatment, solubilization and digestion of waste fats, and a great number of other industrial and agricultural applications. Lipidase has broad ranges of activity and action patterns suitable for use in all types of saturated and unsaturated animal and vegetable fats and oils. Included in this group of substances digested by Lipidase are soy oil, canola oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, beef fat, and lard. The enzymes in Lipidase are effective on saturated as well as relatively unsaturated forms of these triglyceride esters. Highly saturated fats digest in an accelerated fashion when emulsified in aqueous solution. The enzyme catalyzes the conversion of the fat and oils into water‐soluble components that are more easily biodegraded.

Animal fats and vegetable oils are composed of glycerol esters (or triglycerides). Lipases catalyze the breakdown of triglycerides into more water-soluble forms: glycerol and fatty acid components.

USES:  Lipidase is suitable for formulation with a broad variety of detergents, for use in cleaning formulations, and other industrial applications. Its rapid attack on a great variety of vegetable and animal fats and oils and its stability give the product particularly desirable properties for processing applications. Unlike many other lipases of fungal origin, this product does not require acidic pH adjustments for optimal activity. Lipidase is compatible with a wide variety of surfactants and cleaning compounds and has good miscibility and stability in aqueous and detergent reaction conditions.

ABS Lipidase 100,000 – 100,000 FIP/gram

Lipase Enzyme


ABS Lipidase is available in both granular and ABS Lipidase liquid forms and they are specially formulated lipase to be used to enhance the waste treatment, solubilization, and digestion of animal waste fats, cleaning, and a variety of other industrial products as well as in agricultural applications. Lipidase boasts a wide range of activity and action sequences that work well to be used in a variety of saturated as well as unsaturated animal and vegetable fats and oils. There are many substances that are digested easily because of Lipidase, including coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, linseed oil, soy oil, canola oil, beef fat, and lard. This means that the enzymes that are in lipidase are very effective on saturated as well as unsaturated forms of these oils and fats that are also referred to as triglyceride esters. It also means that highly saturated fats are digested easily and much quicker. Lipase catalyzes the conversion of the oils and fat and turns them into water-soluble substances that are much more easily bio-degraded, which means they’re easily digested in an animal’s body.

Glycerol esters, also known as triglycerides, make up vegetable oils as well as animal fats. Lipase is then used to catalyze the breakdown of those triglycerides into a much more water-soluble form which can turn out to be fatty acid components or glycerol components.


There are many uses for lipids that are found in lipase since it is suitable for the formation of a variety of different detergents, so it’s great for industrial applications as well as commercial-type detergents and other cleaning solutions. It is its stability as well as its rapid response in degrading fats and oil from both animal and vegetable sources that make it very desirable in animal feed. Unlike its cousin of lipases that are found in fungal substances, this product does not need acidic pH adjustments to perform at its best. Lipidase is compatible with an array of different cleaning compounds and surfactants, which is also why it is great in commercial detergents.

Unit Definition: One unit of enzyme activity (FIP Unit) is defined as the quantity of a standard lipase preparation (Fungi Lipase‐International FIP Standard) that liberates the equivalent of 1μmol of fatty acid per minute from the Substrate Emulsion under the described assay conditions.

Storage Conditions:  For optimal activity, store in a cool dry place under 100F. The standard shelf life under these conditions is 18 months.

Danger: May cause allergies or asthma or breathing difficulties if inhaled. Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray. In case of inadequate ventilation, wear respiratory protection. Consult the safety data sheet before handling and storing this product.


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