ABS Lipidase Product Series

ABS Lipidase granular and ABS Lipidase liquid are specially formulated lipase which is produced for use in the enhancement of cleaning, waste treatment, solubilization and digestion of waste fats, and a great number of other industrial and agricultural applications. Lipidase has broad ranges of activity and action patterns suitable for use in all types of saturated and unsaturated animal and vegetable fats and oils. Included in this group of substances digested by Lipidase are soy oil, canola oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, beef fat, and lard. The enzymes in Lipidase are effective on saturated as well as relatively unsaturated forms of these triglyceride esters. Highly saturated fats digest in an accelerated fashion when emulsified in aqueous solution. The enzyme catalyzes the conversion of the fat and oils into water‐soluble components that are more easily biodegraded.

Animal fats and vegetable oils are composed of glycerol esters (or triglycerides). Lipases catalyze the breakdown of triglycerides into more water-soluble forms: glycerol and fatty acid components.

USES:  Lipidase is suitable for formulation with a broad variety of detergents, for use in cleaning formulations, and other industrial applications. Its rapid attack on a great variety of vegetable and animal fats and oils and its stability give the product particularly desirable properties for processing applications. Unlike many other lipases of fungal origin, this product does not require acidic pH adjustments for optimal activity. Lipidase is compatible with a wide variety of surfactants and cleaning compounds and has good miscibility and stability in aqueous and detergent reaction conditions.

ABS Lipidase 100,000 – 100,000 FIP/gram