Blended Fermentation Products

Blended Fermentation Product Series


COMBO® is a microbial product supplying yeasts which are a source of essential amino acids derived mainly from cellular protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional factors. The cellular yeast protein is highly digestible and contains the amino acids essential for man and domestic animals. Yeasts are also a source of B vitamins plus the minerals Potassium and Phosphorous with lesser amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. The essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals found in yeast make a valuable contribution to the nutritional level of feeds.


Bacillus subtilis– 100 million CFU/gram
Viable Yeast- 4 Billion CFU/gram
Alpha Amylase- 150 SKB/gram
Bacterial Amylase-250 BAU/gram
Cellulase- 1200 CU/gram


COMBOmate® is a microbial enzyme product that provides the advantages of COMBO® to pelleted feeds. Pelleted feeds provide particular challenges for heat labile direct-fed microbials and their enzymatic metabolites. COMBOmate® responded to these challenges with a University tested product capable of performing after inclusion in pelleted rations.

Dairy: Calculate feeding rate to give 10 grams per head per day of COMBOmate® starting 30 days before freshening and continue throughout the lactation cycle. For calves, feed 10 gram/head/day starting at first solid feed. For non-lactating dairy cattle, feed 2 grams/head/day.
Beef: Feed 10 grams COMBOmate®/head/day. For calves feed 10 gram COMBOmate®/head/day.
Swine: Feed 1.5 lb/ton starter; 1.0 lb/ton grower; 1.0 lb/ton finisher; 1.0 lb./ton all breeding stock.
Poultry: Layers-Feed 1-3 lbs/ton (.5-1.5 Kgs./MT) of finished feed starting at first egg laying. Broilers- 2-3 lbs/ton (1Kg./MT) of finished feed starting at first solid feed.

Bacillus subtilis – 1 Billion CFU/gram
Alpha Amylase – 600 SKB/gram and 330 BAU/gram
Cellulase – 1200 CU/gram