American Biosystems Products Direct-Fed Microbials Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product

Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product

Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product

Aspergillus oryzae is a mold or a filamentous fungus from Japan. It is a mold used to make multiple items in the fermentation process, such as saccharifying sweet potatoes, rice, and barley, when creating alcoholic beverages. It is also used to ferment soybeans when making soy sauce or miso. The agriculture industry uses Aspergillus ferment (another mold extract) to produce much from the soy plant. Oryzae is the most innovative fermentation product found in feed as additives and probiotics for animals’ better health and growth. This process is moving in the direction of constantly moving forward and continues to impact the production of all agricultural products as it breaks down the starches into sugar. 

Why Is Aspergillus oryzae in the Feed Important for Livestock? 

We must understand the purpose of livestock before we can go into detail on why Aspergillus oryzae is vital. Ranches have livestock because that is their money maker. The cattle are either used for breeding, beef, or milk. How do the cattle farmers make their money, you ask? They make more money according to the pound of meat sold, or if it is for a dairy farm, they make more money when the cows produce more milk. 

Aspergillus ferment or Aspergillus oryzae is the supplement needed for added weight or milk production. It increases nutrient digestibility and fiber degradation. This adds weight to the cows being fixed to be slaughtered for beef in the near future.

The Pros and Cons of Aspergillus oryzae as a Supplement

There are more pros than cons regarding fermentation and Aspergillus oryzae as a supplement in the farm, dairy, and ranch life. Overall, it is a perfect investment for those with livestock.


  • Everything is organic.
  • It works with the animal’s digestive system to produce sufficient nutrients that help the animals grow and stay strong. 
  • Everything is biodegradable so that nothing can harm the ground or drinking water for anything wasted.
  • Safe to use as Aspergillus oryzae has been around for thousands of years and started in Japan when making fermented beverages and food. 
  • It makes all fermented products’ texture, aroma, flavor, and color.
  • No micro-toxins are produced under stable conditions.
  • It is full of nutrients and probiotics.
  • Last up to two years if stored properly.
  • Adds income for milk cows as they produce more milk.
  • Adds income for beef cows as the price increases with the weight of the calf or cow. 
  • It can withstand the pelleting process to make it easier to mix with the feed.


  • It takes time to measure the correct amount instead of scooping and pouring for the livestock to eat. The livestock cannot be overfed too much.
  • There are no other sources for negativity on the cons side of Aspergillus oryzae as the genetics, usage, and morphology prove safe for consumption.

So, now that the pros and cons are covered, the picture is clear and safe to say in summing it all up. Even though it is a mold fungus, it has a positive side in making the digestive tract of livestock sufficient to break down the food and absorb the nutrients necessary to feed and provide for us humans. The food chain continues!

Why Choose American Biosystems? 

American Biosystems chooses the finest materials to work with the environment as animals and people are fed and taken care of in this world. They have all the products needed and are the most trusted company dealing with organic items like Aspergillus oryzae. Contact us today! Below are the benefits of using the products American Biosystem offers for the public and businesses in agriculture especially. 

  • Quality and value
  • The finest enzymes
  • Quality ingredients
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Customers worldwide, across 15 countries
  • A large pool of experience across different industries and markets

Super AO Series

Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product is designed to provide the highest levels of fungal alpha-amylase and a source of Unidentified Growth Factors (UGF’s) for animal feed applications. The UGF activity is the highest in any product available and can survive the pelleting process.

SUPER AO can be mixed with other DFM (direct-fed microbial) ingredients with complementary enzyme activities or used as a stand-alone ingredient.

ACTIVITY: 1200 SKB/g (other concentrations available)

Super AO Organic

Apergillus oryzae fermentation product on maltodextrin sourced from organic corn.