Enzymatic Drain Cleaner

Drain & Odor Control

Whether you are heading up the staff at a wastewater treatment plant for a city or other municipality where you simply have a septic system or smelly drain in your home or at your business, it is imperative that you maintain drain and order control. You may even own a company in which there are industrial odors that need tending to or a restaurant with a drain that could end up having a horrible odor which can run your business.

Industrial odors are produced by an array of different facilities and organizations, including wastewater treatment plants, chemical processing treatment plants, food manufacturing, within the development of infrastructure, garbage incineration, waste from a restaurant, or even waste from your home.

There are many production processes that can result in very offensive odors that are being emitted from drains or from covers that do not fit right at wastewater treatment sites. Microbial decomposition and decay of many different organisms can cause a putrid odor, as can organic substances that break down into anaerobic water. Older processing equipment that is still in use but in need of repair or maintenance can also cause waste to begin smelling and drains to become clogged.

There are also many environmental factors that can cause drains to become clogged with smelly waste, such as high temperatures during very warm weather conditions, which can intensify odors, or even the speed or direction of the wind that can carry odors much further than at times when there is no wind. Back in the day, many factories and other facilities were located outside of city zones, away from people’s homes, but in many cases that has changed since small towns and cities are growing at rapid rates throughout the country. This can mean that drains need to be cleaned out more often and odors kept to a minimum since they can be a real nuisance to neighbors and others in the vicinity of where the problem is coming from.

Impacts of Clogged Drains and Odor from Waste

There are actually many impacts that industrial odors and odors from waste can cause, including the stress it can cause on a person who has to live in that type of environment on a regular basis, which can also reduce their quality of life overall. Proper odor control is imperative to keep odors from drifting into surrounding areas and causing other people to complain. Businesses, many different types of industries, and even homes have to stay within the regulations and rules of the Environmental Protection Agency and other licensing requirements, so they are compliant and not fined a lot of money. This is another reason to keep drains unclogged and odor free.

Top-Quality Product for Drain and Odor Control

There are several products on the market to help with drains and odor control at a variety of businesses and homes. One of those products is the Maintain DOC for drain and odor control by American Biosystems, Inc. Maintain DOC is a liquid concentrate that is scientifically blended with specially selected bacteria and enzymes that have been cultured to become the most effective at controlling odor in drains as well as other places.

Functions and Benefits of Maintain DOC

Under favorable conditions, Maintain® DOC will not only digest organic waste but it will degrade the waste while getting rid of the horrible odors that can build up. It is made of a mixture of microbial enzymes and cultured bacteria, including protease, amylase, cellulase, and lipase which work together to get the job done. This product is available in five-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums.

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American Biosystems has been in business for decades while providing high-quality products at very affordable prices throughout the world. It is imperative to use a high-quality drain and odor control product and American Biosystems happens to only use the highest quality ingredients in each one of their products. Contact us for the top-quality products that you need and deserve, including Maintain DOC which is excellent at combating drain and odor control using the finest enzymes that are environmentally friendly while getting the job done!

Maintain DOC

MAINTAIN® DOC (Drain and Odor Control) is a scientifically blended liquid concentrate of specially selected and cultured bacteria plus enzymes, which under favorable conditions will digest and liquefy organic wastes and reduce odors.

ACTIVITY: 1 Billion cfu/ml of 5 different strains of Bacillus sp.
Protease – 630 PC/gram
Amylase – 575 BAU/gm
Lipase – 25 FIP/gm
Cellulase – 770 CU/gm