Fat, Oil, & Grease Treatment

Fat, Oil, & Grease Treatment

Sanitrap® Microbial Enzyme Block

SANITRAP® Microbial Enzyme Block is a revolutionary time-released bacteria and enzyme block that does not require liquid pails, plumbing modifications, or expensive metering pumps.

Blocks are made of all “green” components which are good for the environment. All blocks are individually wrapped: 1lb – 10lb blocks are in a net bag, and 20lb – 30lb blocks are on a rope.

USES: Small blocks are for use in grease traps and large blocks are ideal for industrial wastewater treatment liftgates for food, industrial, and sewage.

Bacterial Protease – 7450 PC/gram
Bacterial Amylase – 685 BAU/gram
Lipase – 200 LU/gram
Cellulase – 3000 CU/gram
Minimum 5 strain Bacillus species 4 Billion CFU/gram