Surgical Instrument Cleaning

Enzymatic Cleaner for Surgical Instruments

When you need a deep clean that goes beyond the surface to decontaminate by reducing the bioburden on objects and surfaces, turn to HE1600L from American Biosystems. Use this powerful enzymatic cleaner straight from the package in an industrial setting or diluted in a healthcare setting.

What is enzymatic cleaner?

The term enzymatic cleaner refers to a cleaner containing protein enzymes, such as lipases, proteases, and amylases that break down soils. Also called enzymatic detergents, the natural surfactants contained in these cleaners require less energy to break down soil and clean surfaces.

Uses of Enzymatic Cleaners

Healthcare facilities and industrial manufacturers use enzymatic cleaners like HE1600L to clean and decontaminate medical devices, medical equipment, utensils, and manufacturing equipment. Hospitals favor the use of enzymatic cleaners such as HE1600L for use in their endoscopy and sterile processing departments because of their abilities to better lift from surfaces and devices.

You can use these enzymatic cleaners in multiple ways. For example, use HE1600L at the point-of-use of the device after a patient event. Spray the cleanser on the medical devices to keep the soil from drying before transporting to the processing area. This also reduces the amount of time it takes to fully clean and sterilize the item for future use.

How Enzymatic Cleaners Work

The enzymes in this type of cleaner help break down soils at a pH of 6 to 8, a neutral pH. Specific to HE1600L, the product combines the following active ingredients:

  • Protease – 31,700 PC/g,
  • Amylase – 600 BAU/g,
  • Lipase – 50 FIP/g.

Peptide bonds join together the tough amino acids in these proteins to form the complex molecules that break down soil. You could still clean a surface without an enzyme, but it would take longer, and you would have to spend more energy to get the device as clean. Enzymes speed up the cleaning process.

This leads us to the many benefits of using enzymatic cleaners. Five key benefits influence hospitals to use these products in their medical devices and instruments cleaning processes:

  • enzymes reduce bioburden,
  • works at lower temperatures and in smaller amounts than other detergents,
  • the cleanser helps break down and remove organic soils at a neutral pH,
  • cleans hard-to-reach areas using little mechanical action,
  • offers increased material compatibility over alkaline cleaners, helping preserve delicate medical instruments.

These advantages can result in cost savings for hospitals and other medical facilities.

Next, the medical device undergoes a manual cleaning in the processing area. The instrument tray or endoscope goes through pre-soaking first, then cleaning and a rinse. The pre-soak and cleansing process use the enzymatic cleaner. The enzymes break down surgical soils, while the SPD Technician manually cleans the instruments using an accessory such as a brush. After their manual cleaning, a technician either transports them to the ultrasonic washer, an automated washer/disinfector, or an Endoscope Reprocessor (AER). If the medical device also requires ultrasonic washing, the technician also uses enzymatic cleaner in this process.

Why Choose American Biosystems?

With so many cleaning and disinfecting products available to the healthcare market, why should you choose American Biosystems? We offer six advantages over other brands:

  • Quality and value
  • The finest enzymes
  • Quality ingredients
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Customers worldwide, across 15 countries
  • A large pool of experience across different industries and markets.

Explore the choices afforded to you in our instrument-cleaning chemistries. Try HE1600L to discover how much easier your medical device cleaning process can become. Contact us today! Our cleanser offers a concentrated source of hydrolytic, degrading enzymes capable of digesting waste accumulations, thus helping to eliminate organic accumulations in an environmentally sound manner.

Use HE1600L diluted to suit your medical facility’s or industrial operation’s needs. Use HE1600L as a cleaning aid and an organic digestant for the release and liquefaction of a wide variety of organic wastes. Use it as-is for a super-industrial grade product in situations where you need a quick, complete clean on a hearty piece of equipment.


HE1600L is ready to dilute and package or can be sold as a concentrate for customer dilution in water prior to application. Can be used as a cleaning aid and an organic digestant for release and liquefaction of a wide variety of organic wastes. Can be used as is for super-industrial grade product or diluted with water and repackaged.

USES: As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes capable of digesting waste accumulations thus helping to eliminate organic accumulations in an environmentally sound manner.

Protease – 31,700 PC/g
Amylase – 600 BAU/g
Lipase – 50 FIP/g