Multicel Series

Multicel is designed for a wide variety of animal feed and industrial applications. These products have a wide pH spectrum of activity and do not require acidic pH adjustment for optimal activity. This enzyme is derived from a non-GMO fermentation of Trichoderma viridae.

USES: As a concentrated source of cellulose degrading enzymes such as cellulase, xylanase, and beta-glucanase for use in enzyme feed additives. Typical applications include releasing bound water from adsorbent gums, filtration improvement, viscosity reduction, degradation and modification of soluble gums and fiber, and freeing materials from enveloping cellulosic matrices. Cellulase can be used for either partial or complete hydrolysis, depending on dosage and conditions.

Multicel 30 – 30,000 CU/g
Multicel 100 – 100,000 CU/g
Multicel 100 liquid – 100,000 CU/g
Multicel 250 – 250,000 CU/g

For more information about cellulase animal feed applications or industrial process please inquire.