American Biosystems Products Direct-Fed Microbials

Direct-Fed Microbials

Direct-Fed Microbials

Direct- Fed Microbials, when used as a feed supplement, can improve overall animal health by improving the quantity of good bacteria present in the gut. These specially selected strains of bacteria were selected for their abilities to produce high levels of beneficial enzymes including; alpha amylase, cellulase, and protease. All of our animal feed products are manufactured in a certified Safe Feed/Safe Food facility. For more information on our Direct-Fed Microbial products, please give us a call or hit the “Get In Touch” button to the right.

What Role Do Digestive Enzymes Play in the Systems of Animals? 

Enzymes trigger and support chemical reactions including the metabolic process in humans and animals. Digestive enzymes break down macromolecules into their basic components so that they can be absorbed by the body via the digestive system. Digestive enzymes also exist within cells to maintain the living functions of cells.

Digestive enzymes fill a wide range of important roles in the bodies of animals and can be found in salivary, gastric, secretory glands, and elsewhere. In the saliva of the mouth, digestive enzymes begin the digestive process. In the stomach, the process continues until pancreatic functions are triggered. From there, enzymes in the small intestine continue the digestive process, breaking down food into its constituent nutrients and separating waste.

Just as the digestive health of humans can be improved with a healthy diet that promotes the production and action of digestive enzymes, so too can the productivity of cattle be improved with high-quality direct-fed microbials.

The Nutrient Requirements of Cattle

Beef and other types of cattle require proper nutrients to support the maintenance of the body as well as other processes such as reproduction, growth, and lactation. The nutritional requirements of production animals vary by class, age, production stage, weight, and performance level. Stressors like sickness and weather can affect nutritional needs.

The nutritional needs of cattle include water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Like all biological processes, the requirements of the digestive process also include energy. Direct-fed microbials offer a range of benefits that both catalyze and optimize the digestive processes of production animals for less waste and greater efficiency.

When provided in adequate amounts, direct-fed microbials improve gut microbial balance for better health, function, and productivity.

The Benefits of Direct-Fed Enzymes

  • Improved digestion: Better nutrient absorption means better productivity and better return on investment for feed
  • Reduced intestinal problems: Intestinal problems trigger recovery times which slow productivity, reducing the value of the animal
  • Improved nutrient utilization: Reducing the volume of eliminated nutrients improves biological functions and reduces waste
  • Growth and production: Greater growth and rates of production result from greater nutriment utility and reduced nutrient waste
  • Reducing animal waste: Underutilized nutrients reduce ROI, and contribute to waste material that must be cleaned up and disposed of. Reducing waste means greater process efficiency and better returns on your investment
  • Boost in nutritive value: Improving the nutrient value of feed saves you money and improves productivity, as well as the health of your animals 

Types of Enzymes We Offer

Aspergillus niger Fermentation Product

This concentrated blend contains a wide variety of industrial and agricultural enzymes. Aspergillus niger features activity against branched pectin in soybeans. Cell wall breakdown allows the extraction of nutrients from soy tissues.

Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product

Aspergillus oryzae provides the highest concentrations of fungal alpha-amylase and is a source of Unidentified Growth Factors. It offers the highest UGF activity in any product available and survives the pelleting process. SUPER AO can be mixed with other complementary direct-fed ingredients or used singly.

Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product

These fermentation products deliver a guaranteed microbial plate count for feed applications. SUPER BSUB aids in preparing products where heat-tolerant microbials are needed. SUPER BSUB can be mixed with Direct-fed Microbials or used alone.

Bacillus Species Viable Spore Concentrate

Viable Spore Concentrates are highly stable and have little to no odor. Our strains are active producers of bacterial protease and lipase and are recognized as a safe feed ingredient. Supplementation may be desirable where hydrolytic enzyme activity is needed. They are also amenable to wastewater treatment applications.

Blended Fermentation Product Series

These microbial products supply yeasts which provide essential amino acids derived from cellular protein, vitamins, and minerals. The protein is highly digestible, contains the essential amino acids, and is a source of vitamin B as well as Potassium and Phosphorous with reduced Calcium, Sulfur, and Magnesium.

Why Choose American Biosystems? 

American Biosystems offers top-quality direct-fed microbials using the finest ingredients. We strive to remain environmentally responsible while improving your production process. You can count on our experience, which spans industries and markets, to deliver the results you need.

Contact American Biosystems today to learn more about the benefits of direct-fed microbials.