Xylanase is an enzyme which is derived from a fungal source. This enzyme is useful in hydrolyzing D‐xylan to D‐Xylose. Hemicellulose, which is composed of Xylans, is a primary component of most plant cell walls. Xylanase will hydrolyze this component and is thus useful for a variety of applications including the viscosity reduction of wheat, barley, corncobs, and other hard to digest food stuffs.

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Xylanase is available in either a granular or liquid enzyme preparation designed for a wide variety of native fiber solubilization applications. This product has a wide pH spectrum of activity and does not require acidic pH adjustment for optimal activity. Xylanase Powder is a non‐GMO, nonhazardous, feed grade and industrial grade enzyme.

USES:  As a concentrated source of cellulose degrading enzymes for use as an animal feed additive, in industrial applications, sanitary applications such as waste paper degradation and as in a variety of textile processing applications. Other applications include detergents, pre-spotters and industrial cleaning compounds. This product is currently being used in Biobleaching applications for wood pulp in papermills to reduce AOX emissions.

Xylanase Powder – 900 XU/gram
Xylanase 20,000 Powder – 20,000 XU/gram
Xylanase Liquid – 34,000 XU/gram
Xylanase Concentrate – 41,000 XU/gram

Xylanase Enzyme

Derived from a fungal-type source, Xylanase is an enzyme that refers to a class of enzymes that degrade the linear polysaccharide beta-1,4-xylan into xylose. This means that it breaks down into hemicellulose, which happens to be one of the major parts of plant cell walls.

Xylanase plays a huge role in micro-organisms that thrive and survive on plant sources to be able to degrade down into very usable nutrients. Basically, Xylanase enzymes are produced by not only fungal matter but yeast, bacteria, snails, marine algae, protozoans, crustaceans, insects, seeds, and more, with the exception of mammals since they do not produce this type of enzyme. Xylanases are not a single enzyme but rather a group of enzymes that are used in a variety of industries.

The Applications of Xylanase 

Use in Baked Foods

Xylanase is used in the food industry for baked foods because it has the ability to increase the volume of dough by changing the network structure of gluten, which will also increase the ductility as well as the elasticity of the dough while reducing dryness and preventing hardness and water retention. It also reduces the visibility while improving the processing of the dough and allowing for more stability in its final performance and presentation.

Use in Beverages

Xylanase is used in the production of juice to help with the filterability of the juice while decreasing the turbidity of the juice since the xylanase will hydrolyze the carbohydrates as well as the polysaccharides that are present in crude juice. Xylanase, when combined with complex enzymes like cellulase, will also improve the efficiency of the extraction of the juice.

 Use of Xylanase in the Brewing Industry

Many people love a good beer that just happens to be produced with malt which contains hemicelluloses which is very hydrophilic and makes it very difficult for brewers to filter out wort and reduce the yield of the wort. By adding xylanase in the brewing process of beer, it helps to reduce the viscosity of wort while improving the yield of the beer and increasing the filtration rate of wort.

Use of Xylanase in Health Products

Xylanase is also used in health products since it is easily assimilated and metabolized by hydrolysis microorganisms that are probiotic, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Using xylanase hydrolysis to prepare the xylooligosaccharides increases the longevity of health products.

Overall, Xylanase is a very popular enzyme within the food industry to be used as a biocatalyst, but the rapid development and complexity of the food industry require top-quality xylanase to be very efficient, specific, and diverse.

Over the past few decades, through the use of either a single method or a comprehensive method, such as protein engineering and increased output screening, the development of high thermal stability as well as acid and alkali resistance, fast reaction speed, and a multitude of other characteristics, top quality xylanase seems to meet the current production needs within the food industry.

There are still several problems that need to be resolved immediately, such as higher prices, poor stability of the enzymes, and a narrow substrate action range, but overall, the use of xylanase is very important to the food industry as well as the brewing industry and a multitude of other industries. The main thing to do when purchasing enzymes is to ensure that you are getting a top-quality product from a trusted source.

Purchase High-Quality Xylanase 

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American Biosystems offers a wide range of products that are of great value to a variety of industries, including the agricultural and food production industries. The use of the finest enzymes, such as lipase and Xylanase, is imperative in creating the highest quality feed products for animals, food and beer for human consumption, and even aquaculture and industrial cleaning products.

Disclaimer: *All products by American Biosystems are industrial and animal feed grade and NOT suitable for human consumption.