American Biosystems Products Waste-Water Treatment

Waste-Water Treatment

Waste-Water Treatment

American Biosystems water treatment products are based on the principle that microorganisms and enzymes are the most cost-efficient method of improving overall water quality. This is done by digesting organic material and seeding the water with beneficial bacteria. This makes for an environmentally friendly method of cleaning the water without the need for cost infrastructure.

Uses for these products include septic tanks, institutional grease traps, drain lines and vent stacks, industrial waste treatment (hazardous and non-hazardous), and municipal sanitary waste treatment. For more information about our Water Treatment products please select one of the applications to the right, hit the contact button to the right, or give us a call.

How Are Enzymes Used in Sewage Treatment? 

There are many ways to treat contaminated water. It can be treated with chemicals, filtered, and heated. But only with the use of natural and synthetic enzymes can we break down contaminants at the microscopic level, reducing or eliminating toxicity to render the water safe for reuse.

Enzymes break down contaminants into inert, benign materials which can be more easily filtered out, collected, and disposed of. Enzymes can be put to use by introducing whole plants or plant tissues which contain or produce them into the water to be treated. They can also be introduced directly in dry or liquid form.

From there, the enzymes will break down organic and inorganic pollutants. Using enzymes for wastewater treatment will result in a cleaner, more sustainable work environment, and more sustainable practices. It allows you to replace more expensive processes and chemicals with an efficient and cost-effective process that does most of the work for you. Using bio enzymes for wastewater treatment requires no specialized machinery and because the enzymes are not changed in the process of eliminating waste, they can be reused.

What are the 5 Stages of Wastewater Treatment? 

There are five stages to standardized wastewater treatment. They are as follows:

  1. Wastewater Collection

The first step is to collect the wastewater to be treated. Once it is collected, it needs to be directed to an appropriate treatment facility where the next step in the process can begin.

  1. Odor Mitigation

Controlling odor is the next step, which is accomplished through chemical treatment. No foul-smelling water can be considered clean or safe for use, so this step is critical to the overall process.

  1. Screening

This third step removes large objects such as used sanitary items, toiletry waste, and the like. 

  1. Primary Treatment

In this phase, we separate macrobiotic solids from the water itself. This is done by pouring the water into large tanks where the solid matter will settle at the surface.

  1. Secondary Treatment

The second treatment stage, also known as the activated sludge process, is where we add seed sludge to the water to facilitate the complete breakdown of organic and inorganic waste materials and pollutants.

The Most Cost-Efficient Method

The German Environment Agency has released a study that shows wastewater treatment consumes approximately 1% of the average nation’s power consumption. Because bio enzymes for wastewater treatment require no heavy or specialized equipment, are inexpensive to use, and cuts down on energy usage.

The National Service for Environmental Publications provides an extensive report on cost-effective wastewater treatment methodologies and cites bio enzymes for wastewater treatment as the most cost-effective step in the wastewater treatment process and the most cost-effective alternative overall. This is due to the fact that bio enzymes use no electricity to use, and also because they are reusable. 

Beneficial Bacteria

American Biosystems offers a full spectrum of beneficial bacteria which have been grown, curated, and engineered to offer the highest performance, efficiency, and re-usability. Each of our enzyme products is designed and optimized for specific industrial circumstances. They are:

  • Accelobac 5000 Series: for complex industrial wastewater treatment
  • Accelobac 2000 Series: for light industrial wastewater treatment
  • Accelobac 1000 Series: for municipal wastewater treatment

If you are unsure which is best for your facility and process, our wastewater treatment bio enzyme experts can help.

Environmentally Friendly Methods

Bio enzymes are the most environmentally friendly means of treating wastewater. Even still, American Biosystems remains committed to doing everything we can to protect the planet while serving you clean, affordable, and efficient water treatment tools and techniques.

Why Choose American Biosystems? 

American Biosystems offers the finest bio enzymes for wastewater treatment using top-quality ingredients with a commitment to quality and value. We endeavor to remain environmentally responsible while serving customers worldwide, across 15 countries. Your organization will benefit from our large pool of experience across a spectrum of industries and markets.

Get in touch today to learn more about how American Biosystems can help optimize your productivity.