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Bacterial Amylase

Bacterial Amylase

IC Product Series

Bacterial Amylase is a water‐dispersible blend of the extracts of Bacillus subtilis, which includes high concentrations of alpha‐amylase, ß‐glucanase (gummase), and hemicellulase along with moderate levels of protease. Bacillus amylases are known for their temperature stabilities and rapid viscosity reduction of starch suspensions. The alpha‐amylase included in the IC product series is an endo‐acting amylase, which means that the branched components of starch including amylopectins are rapidly degraded, the enzyme thus by‐passes the branch points in the starch components. This rapid degrading effect can be contrasted to the exo‐acting ßamylase from vegetable sources such as barley, which stops catalyzing when it reaches a similar branch in the carbohydrate molecule. Temperature stability can be greatly enhanced by the presence of soluble calcium ions and by the presence of available substrate.

USES: As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which can be used in a great variety of industrial and enzyme‐bearing animal feed supplements. Bacillus subtilis amylase is particularly useful in industrial and agricultural processing applications because of its high degree of stability.

IC 24,000 – 24,000 BAU/gram
IC 50,000 – 50,000 BAU/gram
IC 100,000 – 100,000 BAU/gram