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Bacterial Amylase

Bacterial Amylase

Science has proven another way to work with the agricultural world of feed. Bacterial amylase is another ingredient used as a supplement added to livestock feed. Many sources help livestock’s health and growth, but this type is unique and works in ways other supplements do not. They have ingredients that break down food more, send it directly to the cells in the animal’s body, and work with it for added nutrition. As the body absorbs more nutrition, the animal grows healthier and more robust, which means more money per pound in the livestock-selling world. 

What is Bacterial Amylase, and What Are its Uses?

Bacterial amylase has high concentrates of alpha-amylase, along with moderate amounts of protease and hemicellulase, which are included in the water-dispersible blend of extracts found in Bacillus subtilis. The people in agriculture love bacterial amylase because it has a shelf life of up to one year and the temperature stability it maintains. It also reduces starch suspensions at a rapid rate. 

The temperature stability works excellently in the process of breaking down starch. Alpha-amylase is another ingredient put into the mix which acts as an endo-acting amylase. This statement means starch will rapidly become degraded as the alpha-amylase enzyme goes through the starch components.

All of the uses of the ingredients are found in supplements for feed which are used as enzymes to break down the food and ensure the nutrients in the feed are all absorbed. The highest degree of stability makes bacterial amylase useful in the agricultural and industrial world and more requested as the results show positivity in health and growth.

The Pros and Cons of Bacterial Amylase as a Supplement

Ranchers, farms, and dairy farms find more pros than cons when it comes to using bacterial amylase as a supplement with the feed. It is worth the investment when you weigh the positive with the negative. 


  • All ingredients are organic. Nothing is made of chemicals or artificial ingredients in the mix. 
  • It builds the digestive system to help break down the food from the stomach and intestines. These are the good bacteria that work diligently to break down the food. 
  • It is entirely safe for the environment as it falls to the ground. Everything in the ingredients is biodegradable.
  • The stability in maintaining the temperature is what livestock farmers love the most. 
  • It breaks down the feed as it goes through the digestive system, sending the nutrients directly to the cells for health and growth, so nothing is wasted on the feed or the supplement. 
  • Last up to one year if stored properly.
  • Healthier livestock means more money regarding the weight, milk production, and other sources that farm animals give. 


  • It is an extra charge that the farmers must factor in for investments.
  • It is a supplement, not a feed for the livestock or animals. Everything needs to be measured appropriately for proper disbursement and added to the feed.

The pros and cons are the same for every organic ingredient that is used for supplements. Each element has a purpose as it enhances the digestive system. Think of it as the good and bad bacteria. These are the good guys, and they go in to work with what the animal’s body has inside it already, enhancing the breakdown of the food for added nutrition. 

Why Choose American Biosystems? 

American Biosystems works with science and the environment to develop the most enhanced supplements to livestock feed. They have all the necessary supplements, and they are the one of the most respected and go-to companies with organic items like bacterial amylase. The concentrate, whether from pellets or water, adds the secret ingredients to put on the healthy weight for sale barns and dairy farms. The benefits you will find below that American Biosystem offers for the agricultural world and those who are farmers and appreciate the environment. Contact us today!

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IC Product Series

Bacterial amylase is a water‐dispersible blend of the extracts of Bacillus subtilis, which includes high concentrations of alpha‐amylase, ß‐glucanase (gummase), and hemicellulase along with moderate levels of protease. Bacillus amylases are known for their temperature stabilities and rapid viscosity reduction of starch suspensions. The alpha‐amylase included in the IC product series is an endo‐acting amylase, which means that the branched components of starch including amylopectins are rapidly degraded, the enzyme thus by‐passes the branch points in the starch components. This rapid degrading effect can be contrasted to the exo‐acting ßamylase from vegetable sources such as barley, which stops catalyzing when it reaches a similar branch in the carbohydrate molecule. Temperature stability can be greatly enhanced by the presence of soluble calcium ions and by the presence of available substrate.

USES: As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which can be used in a great variety of industrial and enzyme‐bearing animal feed supplements. Bacillus subtilis amylase is particularly useful in industrial and agricultural processing applications because of its high degree of stability.

IC 24,000 – 24,000 BAU/gram
IC 50,000 – 50,000 BAU/gram
IC 100,000 – 100,000 BAU/gram