Case Studies

Summary on Assay for Leather Processing Effluents

A new alternative for the treatment of effluent waters from the Leather Processing Industry was tested at several facilities in Colombia. The parameters for identification of pre-treatments operations where done to adjust the conditions of effluents for optimal pH, filtration and flocculation. The products used in this study were NS 20 (now ACCELOBAC® 20), ACCELOBAC® 5000, Maintain® D and a mixture of them. The two products selected for larger removal of the total COD after a 24 hour period were NS 20 and Maintain® D. Once those products were selected the concentration ratios for each of them were 80; 20 per application. The variables measured during the study were temperature, product quantity and aeration. The optimal temperature for the product total microorganisms growth acceleration was 45°C.

Bio-Augmentation in Prawn Farming-Effects of ACCELBOAC® AG on the Water Quality and Conditions of Survival for Various Growth Stages for Prawns Reared under Semi-Controlled Conditions

Research and development efforts are greatly needed to sustain the growth of the prawn industry in the Philippines. In 1987, prawn production showed a growth rate of 31% in volume (15,500MT) valued at P3.2 Billion. Employment generated in this sector is tremendous considering that at least 20,000 hectares of brackish water ponds have been converted to prawn monoculture. However, the industry suffered a major setback due to the low market price of prawns. For these reasons, support and assistance in terms of industry-oriented researches on ways and means of improving production efficiency must be conducted at the soonest time possible. In this case study 3 different experiments were conducted to see the effectiveness of ACCELOBAC® AG on prawns.

COMBOmate® Effects on Growth Efficiency and Feed Conversion in Several Different Phases of Pig Growth

Several experimental procedures conducted by the Bishop Burton College of Agriculture in Yorkshire England were conducted to show the effectiveness of the product COMBOmate® on Grower Phase Hogs. Another test performed by a Pacific Rim integrated Hog producer shows the effectiveness of COMBOmate® on finisher phase hogs.

Combo® Probiotic Effects on the production of milk for heat exhaustion in seven dairy farms in Virginia

Experiment showing the results of 50 Virginia dairy herds resulting in increased milk production during the hottest month of the year, conducted by Charles C. Stallings, Ph. D and Michael L. McGilliard, Ph.D Department of Dairy Science, Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

NS20 for use as Bioaugementation products for assisting the cleanup of spills and soil contamination

The ACCELOBAC®20 (formerly known as NS 20) strains contained in this product are specially selected bacterial strains which have been adapted to help degrade a great variety of compounds often found in the discharge waters of refineries, petrochemical plants, pesticide manufacturers, in chemical spills and in soil and ground water which have been contaminated with such chemicals. ACCELOBAC® 20 containing products can help by supplementing natural microflora with biomass that is pre-acclimated and adapted to bio-oxidation of toxic and resistant carbonaceous compounds resulting in greater treatment reliability and removal efficiency.