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Fungal Amylase is an alpha amylase enzyme preparation produced by Aspergillus oryzae. It is available as a liquid or as a powder formulation. This rapid acting hydrolase is active throughout the acidic pH range, through the neutral pH range and well into the mildly alkaline range. It readily degrades a wide variety of starch-containing substrates. This product is not extremely heat-resistant compared with enzymes from bacterial sources but exhibits adequate heat resistance for many industrial and most agricultural applications where its pH range is often complementary to alpha amylase from bacterial sources.

USES:  Fungal Amylase is used in commercial starch modification, cleaning compounds, textile processing, fermentation pretreatment, and animal feed supplements. It can supplement the deficiency of endogenous amylase of young animals. It can also increase the utilization of feedstuffs by hydrolyzing the starch contained in feed to generate dextrins and sugars. In addition, this enzyme facilitates the contact between the digestive enzymes and chyme to improve nutrient absorption and utilization. Fungal amylase lowers feed conversion ratio (FCR) and improves animal production performance and utilization of energy.

ACTIVITY: 25,000 SKB/gram

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Fungal Amylase Enzyme


The fungal types of amylases are found mostly in terrestrial isolates such as the Aspergillus species. Fungal Amylase is an alpha-amylase enzyme preparation produced by Aspergillus oryzae, more specifically. It can be purchased as a liquid or in a powder-type formulation. Fungal amylase is a fast-acting hydrolase that is active throughout the entire acidic pH range, through the neutral pH range, and even into the mildly alkaline range. It easily degrades a variety of starch-containing substrates, but it is not extremely heat resistant when compared to enzymes that are from bacterial sources, including bacterial amylase. It does, however, have enough of the resistance for a variety of industrial and even more agricultural applications in which its pH range is very complementary to alpha-amylase from current bacterial sources. The majority of amylases are produced from soil fungi, soil fungi such as Aspergillus, Penicillium and Rhizopus.


When it comes to fungal amylase, there are a variety of applications in addition to converting starch to sugar, such as the production of cyclo-dextrins within the pharmaceutical industry when creating an array of different medications. Fungal Amylase is also often used in commercial starch modification, as well as in animal feed supplements, cleaning compounds, the production of textile processing, and fermentation pretreatment. It can even supplement the deficiency of endogenous amylase in young animals. In addition, Fungal α-amylase allows brewers to produce highly attenuated beer. This is done through a process of converting grain starch into fermentable sugars which is mainly maltose.

Fungal α-amylase can also assist in ensuring that starch conversion is complete during the mashing process, which allows it to produce the expected final attenuation that is to be attained in beer within the brewing industry. Fungal Amylase is also used to increase the utilization of animal and aquaculture feeds by hydrolyzing the starch that is contained in the feed and turning it into sugars and dextrins. Also, this enzyme facilitates the connection between the chyme and the digestive enzymes which then improves the utilization and absorption of a variety of nutrients and vitamins which, in turn, makes animals healthier and more resistant to disease. It also decreases the feed conversion ratio (FCR) while improving the production output and utilization of the energy of the livestock, poultry, or fish. Fungal Amylase has a PH optimum of 5.2 and an activity range of pH 4.4 to 6.0.


25,000 SKB/gram

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American Biosystems offers a wide range of products that are of high quality and value to a variety of industries, including the agricultural industry. The use of the finest enzymes, such as Fungal Amylase and, Xylanase, and lipase, is imperative in creating the highest quality feed products for animals and even aquaculture and industrial cleaning products.

The company was founded on the belief that the finest enzymes in direct-fed microbial products need to be available in the marketplace for sustainability in a variety of industries. From farm mix and feed premix to industrial enzyme formulations, products are only as good as the quality of the ingredients that are used to create them, which is the reason that American Biosystems only uses the finest ingredients in their products to produce top quality products for its customers. It is imperative that the ingredients that are used have a long shelf life as well as a proper origin and have top-notch enzyme strength. Customers need to be able to trust the company from which they purchase their enzyme products to know and trust that they are receiving a product that is best for the application for which they want to use, as well as being the best value for their money. American Biosystems works hard to ensure that that happens for customers throughout the world in 15 different countries.

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