Hard Surface Cleaner

Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaner

People have come a long way in the use of cleaning supplies. Hard surface cleaner industrial use and commercial hard surface floor cleaner are now in the realm of being environmentally friendly. How does it work? Science has proven that bacteria and enzymes work together in bio-cleaners. 

It used to be that people thought enzymes were living creatures. However, this is not the case. Bacteria are living micro-organisms, and they produce the enzymes which break down the dirt and gunk as people use the products to clean regularly.

Using Hard Surface Cleaner Industrial 

Think of how hydrogen peroxide works, not that there is any in the ingredients. As you can imagine, hydrogen peroxide draws out the infections and dirt from an open wound. Once the dirt and infection are drawn out, you can take a clean cloth with water and continue to wash the wound. The same happens when these cleaners are applied to hard surfaces such as tables, countertops, chairs, and other hard surfaces where dirt, grime, and germs thrive. 

By using a bucket with clean water and a clean cloth, all of the bad stuff is drawn up from the hard surfaces and picked up by the clean cloth as the surface is being wiped down. All of the dirt, grime, and germs are pulled up from the enzymes released from the bacteria. These cleaners are used in homes for immaculate cleanliness and in the industrial sector, primarily where multiple people are located. 

These cleaners work best with porous surfaces by drawing out the harmful stuff that other cleaners will leave behind. They work best in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and anywhere there are many people.

Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners are making their way into people’s lives as they continue to grow in popularity. Stores have them, schools have them, and hospitals have them. Hard surface floors can have some of the worst stains and markings in a home or office building. The good news is that all that is needed is the mop, bucket, mop, and water with a little bit of the enzyme cleaner.

It works the same as the surface cleaner, drawing grease and other junk from the floors. As it pulls the harmful dirt and other debris from the ground, the custodian cleans the floor. Remember to tell them hello and thank you. Once the enzyme cleaners are dropped, it takes a little time to let it do its thing, then mop up the dirty water, and the floor is clean. Any commercial building can have the most pristine floors once the concentrated mixture does the job. 

Safe to Discard

Chemical cleaners like bleach or other brand names can harm the environment if dumped down the drain. It can get washed out into ditches and other waterways in our rivers and lakes, killing all that lives in the water and even on land. It can get into the water system from the ground table and go into the tap water that is stored within every city and town. Whether using the enzyme cleaner to clean surfaces or floors, it is a positive reaction to deliver the news that the dirty water concentrate mix is safe to discard after each cleaning. 

If discarded down the drains, there is better news! The enzymes in the concentrate mixture will work to keep the drains clean from all harmful residues. It also works with municipal systems for sewage. Not only can a person get their home or business cleaned with the safest item possible, but they can also clean the most challenging problems. All you have to do is leave the cleaner on a little longer and let it draw up the particles that cannot be seen. 

Why Choose American Biosystems? 

Enzyme cleaners from American Biosystems deliver peace of mind knowing that the one using these products is safer while using and discarding the wastewater. Contact us today! It is also great to know that the industrial surfaces and commercial floors will be clean and safe. These are other benefits to note:

  • Quality and value
  • The finest enzymes
  • Quality ingredients
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Customers worldwide, across 15 countries
  • A large pool of experience across different industries and markets.

Maintain® HSC

Maintain® HSC is a bacterial enzyme blend available as a stabilized liquid concentrate. The product is designed specifically to be formulated as a hard surface cleaner either in a mop bucket for floor application or to be diluted for general industrial cleaning.

USES:  As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which can be used in a great variety of industrial and enzyme‐bearing animal feed supplements. Bacillus licheniformis protease is particularly useful in industrial and agricultural processing applications because of its high degree of stability.

Protease – 6,750 PC/g.
Lipase – 850 FIP/g.