Grease Trap Cleaning Liquid

Liquid Grease Trap Cleaner

If you own a restaurant or have ever worked in one, you know and understand exactly what a grease trap is. Grease traps are put in place to ensure restaurants are able to properly dispose of grease, oil, and fat from the food they cook on a regular basis. A grease trap is crucial and required for a restaurant, but there are also several reasons why it is so important to clean it out on a regular basis.

Reasons to Keep Grease Trap Cleaned Out

There are many reasons why you will want to keep a grease trap cleaned out properly for your business or your home. The first reason is that a grease trap will not function properly and do what it was created to do if you do not clean it regularly. By cleaning your grease trap on a regular basis, you are helping to protect the environment. Keeping the grease trap clean will keep grease, oils, and fats out of water lines and even from making their way into your water supply for your home or business. If that waste seeps into your water lines, it can cause you, your family, or your employees and customers very serious safety and health issues.

Cleaning out a grease trap also helps prevent damage from waste since if it sits too long, sulfuric acid can be created inside the tank which can damage the tank itself. You also want to keep the grease trap cleaned out, so you do not get a horrible rotting smell in your restaurant or home. No one wants to smell something bad when trying to eat at a restaurant when the smell can be avoided through regular cleanings of the grease trap.

Only Use High-Quality Grease Trap Cleaner

It is imperative that restaurant owners, homeowners, and others use only the highest-quality grease trap cleaners on the market today to ensure that the environment is protected while cleaning the grease traps properly and efficiently. MAINTAIN® L by American Biosystem is a liquid concentrate that has been scientifically blended by using only specially selected bacteria that have been cultured to ensure the very best enzyme producing abilities. These qualities are very important when it comes to grease trap cleaners so that they can properly digest as well as liquefy the organic waste that is found in grease traps at restaurants, homes, and other buildings. Maintain L and the process used will unclog not only grease traps but drain lines, vent pipes and stacks, air conditioning cooling towers, and an array of other things. To maintain grease traps and other objects properly, a regular maintenance schedule should be in place as a preventative treatment to ensure that everything continues to operate properly and at its optimum level. Maintain L is created to be used along with a metering device and is available in a ready-to-use formula as well as a concentrate. You can purchase Maintain L in a 55 gallon drum for larger jobs and for ongoing maintenance or in a convenient five-gallon pail for smaller jobs. Either way, Maintain L gets the job done correctly and efficiently so that you, your family or employees, and customers are safe from any bacteria or other particles that can seep into the nearby water lines if your grease trap is not maintained properly on a regular basis. Sanitrap® blocks by American Biosystems provide a time released soluble grease trap solution that requires minimal effort. These blocks release enzymes for fast acting activity to break down Fats, Oils, and Grease and then bacteria that as they grow over time produce these enzymes to keep consistent fat and grease degrading activity over time. All safety instructions that come along with both sizes of Maintain L and Sanitrap® blocks should be followed closely so that it is safe and effective for you and your restaurant, home, or other business. 

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MAINTAIN® L is a scientifically blended liquid concentrate of specially selected and cultured bacteria for their enzyme producing abilities, which under favorable conditions will digest and liquefy organic wastes. This process will unclog drain lines, grease traps, vent pipes and stacks, air conditioning cooling towers, etc. Retreatment on a regular preventive maintenance schedule will keep these operating properly. This product is designed to be used with a metering device.

MAINTAIN® L – 2.0 Trillion CFU/gallon (Ready to use)
MAINTAIN® L Concentrate – 4.0 trillion CFU/gallon