Alkapro Liquid

Alkapro Liquid is a water-dispersible preparation of Bacillus spp. which includes high concentrations of alkaline (serine) proteinase (protein digesting enzyme). Proteinases catalyze the hydrolysis of protein polymers into their component amino acids and peptides. While the complex polymeric protein in its original form may be practically insoluble, the amino acid components are more readily soluble or emulsifiable in aqueous solutions. Alkapro L has many applications over the pH range of 6.0-10.5. It is extremely resistant to the effects of chelating agents and detergents. This protease is very rigorous and non-specific in its degrading effects.

USES:  As a concentrated source of hydrolytic, protein-degrading enzymes for use in industrial applications including x-ray film processing for silver recovery, industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance, in liquid detergents and prespotters, and many other applications where broad-range proteolytic activity is desired.

Alkapro 150 Liquid – 150,000 PC/gram
Alkapro 250 Liquid – 250,000 PC/gram

Alkapro Powder

Alkapro Powder is a microprilled, free-flowing dry preparation of Bacillus spp. which includes high concentrations of alkaline (serine) proteinase (protein digesting enzyme).

Alkapro 100 Powder – 100,000 PC/gram
Alkapro 275 Powder – 275,000 PC/gram
Alkapro 400 Powder – 400,000 PC/gram

Protease Ultra Blend

Protease Ultra Blend is a combination of three different protease classes designed to provide a full spectrum of proteolytic activity in a variety of animal feed and industrial applications. This ultra-concentrated product provides Alkaline, neutral, and acidic activities not otherwise available from a single microorganism source. Example applications are poultry feed components, swine, and beef feed components and other agricultural applications. Protease enzymes have been utilized in the removal of anti-nutritional factors from soybeans. Protease Ultra Blend possesses a wide variety of binding sites allowing for partial or complete digestion of proteinaceous substances in industrial process and waste treatment.

USES: A proprietary blend of enzymes from three different strains for use in animal feed for hydrolysis of proteins.

ACTIVITY: 77,000 HUT/gram