Phytase Enzymes

Phytase Enzymes

Phytase Product Series

Phytase when used as a feed enzyme is designed specifically to improve the availability of phosphorus from plant sources. Phytase is derived from a strain of Pichia pastoris through a proprietary cultivation and extraction technique. It can degrade phytic acid into inositol, or phosphoinositide and phosphoric acid. This product can eliminate the monogastric animal anti-nutrient action due to non-decomposition of phytic acid so as to improve the utility of nutrition. This enzyme also reduces the environmental pollution caused by the use of phosphorus.

USES:  Phytase can be used in animal diets when the phytate content of the diet is more than 0.2%. Generally, there is more than .2% phytate in the corn-soybean diets. Addition of Phytase in diets can release 0.1-0.12% available phytate bound phosphorus  for laying poultry or broiler poultry, which means 5-6 Kg DCP (16% P in DCP) per ton will be saved.

ACTIVITY: 100,000 FTU/gram

Phytase Enzyme: 

Phytase is an enzyme that breaks down phytates to release phosphorus in a form that can aid in the digestion process in animals and in humans. This significantly reduces the need to feed animals inorganic phosphorus supplements and increases the nutritional value of the animal feed. This reduces the need for supplemental inorganic phosphorus and improves the nutritional value of feedstuffs. Phytase activity is expressed as phytase units, also referred to as FTUs.


American Biosystems offers protease, xylanase, and phytase product series. Contact us today! Phytase when used as a feed enzyme, is designed specifically to improve the availability of phosphorus from plant sources. When Phytase is used as a feed enzyme, it improves the amount of phosphorus that is available from plant sources. It is derived from a Pichia pastoris strain through a specific extraction and cultivation technique. It is able to break down phytic acid into phosphoric acid, inositol, or phosphoinositide. It helps to improve the quality of nutrition the animals receive and will also reduce environmental pollution that can be caused by the use of phosphorus.


The Phytase product series by American Biosystems offers Phytase products that are used in animal diets so that the Phytate content of the diet is more than 0.2 percent because most often, there is a .2 percent Phytate level in the corn and soybean diets of animals. The addition of Phytase in these diets can release 0.1-0.12 percent available phytate bound phosphorus in the diets of broiler or laying poultry also.
Phytase 100,000 FTU is created to be used in a variety of feed as well as in aquaculture and waste treatment applications. Phytase is a feed-grade component that is best used to digest phytic acid and break it into several components, including ortho=phosphate and inositol. This product is also very useful in a variety of industrial processes and waste treatment applications.


Phytase enzyme, also known as myo-inositol hexaphosphate phosphohydrolase, has become a common enzyme to be used in poultry feed. By using the Phytase enzyme in poultry feed, it is a way to not only lower the cost of the feed for farmers, but it also reduces the negative impacts of phytic acid on the digestive system of the poultry while not being harmful to the environment.


Since Phytase enzymes can catalyze the hydrolysis of phytate (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate) to inositol and inorganic phosphorus, it is a great product to be used in the production of feed that is used in the world of aquaculture since the phosphorous can be broken down to be used in oilseeds and plants grains that are then fed to fish and others of the aquaculture world.


Phytase is used widely by municipalities and others at wastewater treatment plants since it can break down the proteins in the waste while degrading other components to clean the water before it is released back into the environment.


When it comes to animals, such as swine and cattle, the use of phytase enzymes is becoming increasingly popular. Phytase is now the most widely used feed enzyme since it offers nutritional and physiological, as well as environmental benefits, within the feed industry. Today’s industrial feed phytase production is dependent upon the production of microbial phytase through the use of biotechnology, which is the process that American Biosystems utilizes to produce the Phytase Enzyme Series.


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American Biosystems offers an array of products that are of enormous value to a variety of industries, including the aquaculture, agricultural, food production, and animal and poultry feed production industries. The use of the finest enzymes, such as lipase, Phytase, and Xylanase, is extremely important in creating top-quality feed products for animals, fish, and poultry, for the production of food, beer, wine, and other alcohols for human consumption, and even in industrial cleaning products and wastewater treatment.