About Our Products

All American Biosystems products are made using strict quality control standards. Our products are all feed or industrial grade.

All American Biosystem feed products are manufactured in a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility

For more information about any American Biosystems products please select a product based on your application to the right, click the button below to get directly in contact with us about your product needs, or give us a call and we can discuss your product needs and our capabilities.

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Our Markets

American Biosystems has served the International Aquaculture marketplace since 1985 through its breakthrough ACCELOBAC AG® products.
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Microorganisms are the most effective, cost efficient method of degrading waste products in the environment without costly chemicals or infrastructure.
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Enzymes are a cost-effective method of performing numerous industrial processes. These range from silver recovery to surgical instrument cleaning.
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Our strength is assisting our customers in the design and implementation of their animal feed additive.
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