Beta Mannanase

Beta Mannanase

At American Biosystems, we can provide professional farmers and farm businesses with multiple enzyme products that help improve their animal feed. For example, we sell Beta Mannanase, an enzyme with powerful digestive properties that may help your animals absorb more nutrients, avoid liquid fecal matter problems, and become healthier. Here’s what you need to know about this enzyme and why you should work with us at American Biosystems.

Beta Mannanase Enzyme

Beta Mannanase enzyme is a fine strain of the bacteria Trichoderma ressei that is designed to help with extraction and liquid fermentation. It falls within the subcategory of hemicellulase and is used in many farm-related industries. Substrates within this enzyme include galactose, galactomannan, and ß mannan. Farmers may use this enzyme to serve many different purposes, including:

Helping reduce digestion viscosity in farm animals

  • Minimize fecal matter water to produce more solid waste
  • Improve protein, fat, and carbohydrate absorption in animal digestive systems
  • Balance microflora in the stomach and improve an animal’s gut health

This product comes in powder form in 25-gram or 32.5-gram packages. Use Beta Mannanase by mixing 25 grams per ton of food for your animals. Dilute the concentrated enzyme with water before blending it with food to make it more palpable. Avoid breathing dust fumes and wear respiratory masks if working with this open powder in a closed environment, such as a feeding pen with no windows.

How are Enzymes Used in Agriculture?

Farming enzymes provide many benefits for your agricultural businesses and can help you raise healthier animals and better crops. Farming businesses use enzymes in many different ways, including speeding up chemical reactions in the soil to help plants make deeper roots.

Enzymes also help increase plant yield and quality, meaning larger plants with stronger overall health. Some enzymes may even increase photosynthesis by up to 20%, meaning that your plants may grow more quickly. Other enzymes help animals break down plant-based products to minimize digestive issues and help them absorb more nutrients.

Why Choose American Biosystems?

At American Biosystems, we can provide you with this and many other enzymes to help your animals’ digestive health. We pride ourselves in selling only the finest products and work hard to ensure that our many customers are satisfied. Our products are carefully tested and balanced to ensure that they will meet your exact standards: Just a few reasons that you may want to work with us include:

  • Quality and Value: Each shipment of our enzymes gets quality tested to ensure it is safe for your animals and ready for delivery. We also work hard to keep our prices as affordable to the customer as possible to ensure that your farm doesn’t struggle financially.
  • The Finest Enzymes: Our scientists work hard to identify only the best available enzymes and focus them on our products. Any enzymes that don’t meet our standards are discarded, ensuring that you only get the highest possible quality enzymes.
  • Quality Ingredients: When preparing our enzymes and other products for our customers, we only buy the best and most appropriate ingredients. High-quality ingredients translate to better enzymes, meaning that you can buy our products assured that they’ll meet your needs.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Our products focus heavily on environmental protection, ensuring that you don’t pollute your farm or experience any unfortunate runoff. We also work hard to provide enzymes that improve your animal’s health and don’t cause any side effects.
  • Customers Worldwide: Farm enzyme companies can’t survive if they don’t understand their market, and our team has successfully connected with over 15 countries worldwide. As a result, we know the differences in animal health laws and enzyme requirements and ensure our products meet these standards.
  • A Large Pool of Experience: While we focus heavily on animal production enzymes, we work in various industries and markets, including organic farming. In this way, our team offers you the experience you want and deserve, no matter what your business needs.

If you are interested in working with us at American Biosystems, please call our direct number at 540.344.6469 or our toll-free option at 888.344.6469. Our team will identify an enzyme that works well for your needs and can help you choose a delivery option.

Beta-Mannanase (endo-1, 4-ß-mannanase ) is made from a refined strain of Trichoderma reesei through liquid fermentation and extraction technology. This product is a subcategory of hemi-cellulase, which can break the beta-1, 4 glycosidic bonds of mannan into mannan-oligosaccharides. The substrates are ß mannan, galactomannan, and galactose.

USES: A powder or liquid enzyme blend for use as an animal feed additive for reducing digestion viscosity and reduce fecal water content. Improve the utilization of protein, fat, and carbohydrate by degrading plant cell wall structures. Enzymes balance microflora in the gut and improve gut health.

Dilute the concentrated enzyme before use: Beta Mannanase 1.0 Powder – 25 grams or Mannanase 0.7L – 32.5 grams.

Beta Mannanase 1.0 Powder – 100,000 HCU/gram