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Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

American Biosystems provides solutions in the form of both products and ingredients to improve the efficiency of animal production. Beef, pork, dairy, and poultry production are continuing to grow to meet worldwide demand. The world requires a 50% increase in food production by 2050 to feed an additional 2.3 billion people. In addition, developing countries’ demand for animal-based protein are rapidly increasing due to socio-economic changes such as increased incomes, urbanization, and an aging population. Henchion et al. found that overall meat consumption increased by almost 60% between 1990 and 2009. Meat consumption is on the rise despite the challenges to the environment, from greenhouse gas emissions to terrestrial biodiversity loss.

Our animal feed ingredient products are designed to improve feed conversion and maintain animal health without antibiotics or hormones. These characteristics of our microbial enzyme products and ingredients allow farmers to produce a healthier product with less. If we are to meet the challenges of feeding a growing, more prosperous world over the next 30 years, we must rely on products such as our direct-fed microbial products and ingredients to meet industry goals.

Completed products or ingredients are available to produce proprietary products to meet company needs. Let us know how we can best serve your organization.

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