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Xylanase: One Enzyme Multiple Applications

What is Xylanase? (The other cellulase to add to your product)

Xylanase is the enzyme responsible for the catalysis of xylan residues. Over the years the use of xylanases by industry has increased significantly. They play an important role in the textile, feed, waste water and pulp & paper industries. Xylanases can come from different microbial sources including bacteria actinomycetes and yeast. Depending on the microbial source is the activity levels characteristics and overall quality of the enzyme. Our xylanases are produced by Trichoderma reseei, are non-GMO and can be used in a myriad of applications.

If you are interested in utilizing xylanase in your animal feed, silage innoculant or composting product, please let us know. We currently work with over a dozen xylanases from a variety of microbial sources. We can provide samples and steer you in the right direction for your specific application. We can provide samples, small package sizes for prototype testing all the way up to totes and super sacks. If you are trying to break down plant cellulosic material, xylanase in an excellent addition to your toolbox. Give us a call and mention you saw this blog post for an immediate 20% discount for new purchases and new customers.



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